Hajj 2023: Prices Of Accommodation In Makkah Soar – Reports



. . . 2023 Hajj Fare May Be Higher

As the preparation for the 2023 hajj exercise is in top gear, and in view of the announcement of the hajj fare, the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria has urged Muslim pilgrims’ boards across the country to insist on a quality and commensurately cheaper accommodation for their pilgrims.

According to the Commission, the quick intervention of the Muslim pilgrims’ boards would be a measure to brings down the 2023 hajj fare a little.

This was asserted during the second pre hajj meeting with the Chief Executives of States Muslim Pilgrims Boards, accommodation providers and 2023 hajj selected caterers on Sunday where
NAHCON gave the advice.in Makkah.

According to a source who spoke with HAJJ REPORTERS in MAKKAH disclosed that NAHCON’s commissioner of finance who presided over the meeting tasked all stakeholders to ensuring that quality accommodation at lower prices are provided during the forthcoming hajj exercise.

However, information revealed that the price of accommodation in Makkah has shoot up because of the following reasons:


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has started demolishing some accommodations previously used by Nigerian pilgrims to pave way for their new development plan, unlike in 2022 when only one million pilgrims performs hajj, over 3 million pilgrims are expected to perform hajj this years – which means more number of pilgrims and fewer accommodations. This was said to be a huge challenge.


Checks by HAJJ REPORTERS reveals most hotels within Hijra streets in Misfala has now been marked for demolition, while others have been pulled down. Sokoto, Katsina, Kaduna, Bauchi, Kano, Kwara, Plateau and Niger pilgrims do accommodate their pilgrims within Misfala by Hijra and Ibrahim Khalil Road in Makkah. Saudi Arabia has opened up for tourism thus limiting the choices of securing a relatively cheaper accommodation for Nigerian pilgrims.

It was also gathered that countries like Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan who are operating five years hajj rolling plan were able to booked for accommodation because of huge sums of money at their disposal.

Pilgrims who intend to perform hajj in those countries make payment five years before the time of hajj. The Prices of Air ticket has sky rocketed couple with the high exchange rate.

Because of these, Nigerian 2023 hajj fare may be far higher than anticipated.


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